Liquid Consumables

Liquid Flame Fuel

Natural Flame Fuel

We can supply fuel for our liquid flame systems, both Isopropyl Alcohol and Isopar G. The fuel is supplied in 20L containers. (Orders over 100L may need 1 week lead time)

Coloured Flame Fuel

Similar to natural flame fuel, coloured fluid is supplied in 20L containers. We aim to hold stock of all colours, however we may need an order lead time for large quantities (Stock dependent).

Available colours:

  • - Red

  • - Blue

  • - Green

  • - Orange

  • - Purple

Contact us for pricing and more information.

Bubble Fluid

We hold stock of a range bubble fluids from a good quality basic to extremely high quality fluids from Universal Effects and Le Maitre.

Contact us for pricing and more information.

Giant Bubble Fluid

For use with our CITC Giant Bubble machine, this fluid creates giant long lasting bubbles.

Snow Fluid

We hold stock of a range of snow fluids for use in your snow machines or ours. Click here to see our Snow Machines.

Universal Effects Snow Fluid

Universal Effects snow fluid creates a brilliant white dense snow output. For use with all of our machines, this snow fluid is great for outdoor use.

CITC Snow Fluid

For use in all of our snow machines, CITC snow fluid is our recommendation. Producing the highest quality and safest snow, CITC produce the driest non-slippy snow fluid. Available in three varients:

  • - Dry 100

  • - Extra Dry

  • - Super Extra Dry

Fog & Haze Fluid

We hold a stock of both fog and haze fluids, ranging from basic fluid up to high quality Le Maitre fluid.