Working alongside our great manufacturer of confetti, The Confetti Maker (TCM), we aim to provide the best quality confetti with extremely competitive prices.

We are agents for The Confetti Maker products in the UK, and we can get competitive prices on all Universal Effects equipment.

Please take a look at our Confetti & Streamers Effects page to view confetti launching equipment available for hire, or see our TCM E-Shots page to view E-shot electric and manual launchers available for purchase.

Please Contact Us to purchase Confetti.

If you require a colour that is not pictured below, please do not hesitate to get in touch

Aditionally, we have Streamers for sale here.


Paper Confetti: £12 per Kg

Metallic Confetti: £18 per Kg

Delivery Charge: £10 for up to 15kg

Price is per Kg bag

Contact us for Bulk Discount

All prices Ex.VAT and delivery


Colours Available

Paper Confetti

White Confetti - £12.00per Kg
White Confetti
Black Confetti - £12.00per Kg
Black Confetti
Pink Confetti - £12.00per Kg
Pink Confetti
Yellow Confetti - £12.00per Kg
Yellow Confetti
Orange Confetti - £12.00per Kg
Orange Confetti
Dark Blue Confetti - £12.00per Kg
Dark Blue Confetti
Light Blue Confetti - £12.00per Kg
Light Blue Confetti
Red Confetti - £12.00per Kg
Red Confetti
Green Confetti - £12.00per Kg
Green Confetti
Purple Confetti - £12.00per Kg
Purple Confetti
Multi-Coloured Confetti - £12.00per Kg
Multi-Coloured Confetti

Red Petal Confetti - £18.00per KgRed Petal Confetti

We also have star, circle, heart, flower, butterfly and UV confetti available to order.


Gold Confetti - £18.00per Kg
Gold Confetti
Silver Confetti - £18.00per Kg
Silver Confetti
Dark Green Confett - £18.00per Kgi
Dar Green Metalic Confetti
Blue Metalic Confetti - £18.00per Kg
Blue Metalic Confetti
Red Metalic Confetti - £18.00per Kg
Red Metalic Confetti
Multicoloured Metalic Confetti - £18.00per Kg
Multicoloured Metalic Confetti

Colourfast & Fireproof

All our confetti is biodegradable, colourfast and fireproof, helping to keep the enviroment healthy and your event safe.