Snow can be available all year round with our environmentally friendly Snow Machines, creating dry, residue-free snow in a constant fall which completely transforms venues and events.

We provide snow machines for dry hire or with an operator supplied.

All the snow machines are very simple and easy to use.

Our snow machines have been successfully used for VIP Day Oxford Street London, Osbourne House, John Lewis and The Royal Opera House.

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Snow Machines:

UE Giant Snow Blower:

Utilizing our popular Universal Effects XT-500 Turbo Fans, our giant snow blower can project large amounts of artificial snow over vast areas, with the ability to control the size of the snow flakes and the level of output.

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UE Snow Tube DMX:

A small version of our UE Giant Snow Blower, our UE Snow tube incorporates a turbo fan system with a small version of the popular snow head. The snow flake size and output quantity is fully controllable and the machines are fully operational via DMX or stand-alone control. The Snow Tube is a very compact professional machine and can be rigged into a lighting rig or placed on the ground. Snow fluid for this machine is available on our sales page.

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Citc Little Blizzard DMX Quiet Snow Machine:

A very popular choice within the professional entertainment industry the Little Blizzard silent snow machine by Citc is claimed to be the quietest snow machine on the market. Controllable via DMX or wired remote and incorporates adjustable flake size. When used with Citc Extra Dry snow fluid this is possibly the safest non-slippy and quietest machine available. We have a number of these machines within our hire stock. Snow fluid for this machine is available on our sales page.

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Le Maitre Arctic Snow Machine:

A great compact machine, the Arctic Snow is light-weight and gives a sizable output whilst remaining very quiet. The Arctic snow can be either DMX controlled or manually controlled via the supplied remote. Providing low fluid consumption and variable output and flake size, the Arctic Snow is the latest addition to our snow range.

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A range of snow fluid is availble for sale too!