Confetti & Streamers:

E-Shot Baseplate:


Le Maitre 4-way Air Interface:


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The Machines:

Le Maitre Electric Confetti & Streamer Cannon:

Le Maitre Electric Confetti & Streamer CannonThe Electric Air Cannon is designed to fire streamers, glitter or confetti up to 15 metres, at any angle, with minimum noise. It is particularly useful in venues where pyrotechnics are not an option.

Each firing requires a small CO2 bulb to be simply screwed into the front of the unit, a lifting cap to be inserted into the barrel, followed by the consumables and then a back pressure cap over the end of the barrel.

Can be mounted to truss
Firing controller also available

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Universal Effects 4 Tube Stadium Confetti & Stream Blaster:

With it's built in battery pack and DMX control this monster machine can fire up to 25-30Kgs of confetti or streamers from any position within a venue. With 4 confetti or streamer tubes, which are adjustable to get the best coverage, this machine can provide a similar quantity and spread of confetti or streams as around 4 stadium shots in a much smaller and compact body. Confetti fired from the blaster will reach up to 30m and streamers around 35m. We also have a small compressor available to hire to pressurise the unit.

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CITC Supershot Max:

CITC Supershot Max The SuperShot Max provides CO2 like confetti launch effects, without the need for big heavy CO2 cylinders and added cost

Super ShotMax has virtually continuous output without CO2 or loud bangs. You will be astounded at the volume of continuous confetti or streamers blast up over 10m high and up to a 30m distance!
As an added effect, you can use the Shotmax simultaneously with one of our Snow Machines to create an all new confetti and snow effect. Or with a smoke machine to create a CO2 blaster type effect.
By keeping the fan working, the 3 funnels of air continuously push the confetti back up and keep them spinning for much longer fun at half the cost.

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The Confetti Maker Stadium Shot:

This unit can fire up to 5kg of confetti or streamers from a single barrel. Confetti will travel a distance of up to 20m, and streamers 35m. The unit is fired simply by applying 230v; for this we have a controller available. We also have a small compressor available to hire to pressurise the unit.

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Giant Confetti Blowers:

Giant Confetti BlowersUsing our extremely quiet Universal Effects large turbo fans our giant blowers are capable providing a constant stream of confetti for as long as is required, just feed confetti or any other items (t-shirts, sweets, etc) into the inlet pipe and the machine will launch the product around 20m. Unlike many other machines on the market, our machines use turbo fan technology, which not only makes the machines quieter but also enables the product to be thrown further.

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Small Confetti Blowers:

Small Confetti BlowersOur small confetti blowers work with the same principle as our giant confetti blowers, being able to provide a constant supply of confetti for as long or as little as you like. Using a pipe connected to the machine you suck up the confetti from a storage box, this means the rate of flow is full controllable by the user. Great for when confetti is needed over a long period of time.

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E-Shot Cannon Firing Unit:

E-Shot cannons are a very cost effective way of launching confetti or streamers.

The firing system uses cannons, which are available on our sales page, these are filled with confetti or streamers to the clients specification and are available at a low price. The cannons launch confetti up to 12m and streamers up to 20m. The cannons are operated by applying a 230V power source to them, which is possible using one of our available controllers.

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Handheld Twist Cannons:

Exactly the same as our E-Shot cannon apart from these cannons are handheld and are triggered by simple twisting motion and therefore need no special equipment to be launched, these are designed as a one-time use cannon. Very simple and easy to use and can come filled with either confetti or streamers in any colour available on our confetti consumables page.