CITC Special Effects Equipment

Classic SFX is an agent for CITC, a leading special effects equipment manufacturer. We have a wide range of CITC products available for purchase.

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Products Available

The CITC AQUAMAX is an organic Haze Machine which produces a water-based haze with up to a 2 hour hang time. As the haze is not oil based there is no risk of residue, health issues, and the system will never clog or need cleaning. The particles created by this machine are extremely small and therefore extremely dry.

The unit operates from 1 channel of DMX, or can run standalone. It consumes only 113.4 grams of fluid per hour.

CITC Hurricane II
The CITC Hurricane II is a fan capable of blowing fog, haze, snow or just wind to 46m (150ft). This fan can be hung or floor mounted and it is very easily positionable.

This unit reaches full power in three seconds and has 3 operating speeds. It can run continuously without overheating. DMX controlled.

CITC Little Blizzard
The CITC Little Blizzard is a sound proofed snow machine which creates fluffy, larger flakes. This machine uses a smaller amount of fluid than other machines as the flakes are lighter, allowing them to travel further in the air.

The unit power and speed level can be controlled through DMX or with a remote control.

CITC Quiet Cube
The CITC Quiet Cube produces a wetter snow than the Little Blizzard, but it is the quietest snow machine available at a full 10dB quieter tan the Little Blizzard. The unit doesn't suffer from it's size however, and is able to output a competitive amount of snow, while consuming 20% less fluid.

The unit is DMX controlled.

CITC Super ShotMax
The CITC Super ShotMax provides continuous flying confetti, streamers, snow and more. This unit can fire confetti 8m high and 10m distance. The 1hp fan and 3 funnels mean that the confetti can continue to be kept up in the air for longer even after the machine is empty.

The unit is DMX controlled and has 3 wind speeds.

The unit in action at PLASA 2011

CITC Super Foam Dome
The CITC Super Foam Dome is a 1hp extremely efficient snow machine. It outputs 500 cubic feet of foam per minute consuming around 3.8 litres of fluid (warm water / snow fluid). This is less than the original Foam Dome.

The unit is controlled by DMX.